For over 40 years, Mike’s Concrete has offered high-quality affordable concrete services to customers in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. With the expertise of our team of concrete craftsmen, know that you’re in good hands with Mike’s Concrete. No matter what your concrete issue is, we have the solution for you. Browse through our services below to get a better idea about the types of designs we offer. With us by your side, you get top-notch service every time, guaranteed, with an experienced crew that is sure to prove our reputation right.


We provide finishing work for walkways, patios, retaining walls, and additions. We’ll ensure that the concrete is sized, shaped, colours, and finished to your exact specifications. One of the most important aspects of any concrete pour is ensuring that you have the expertise on your side to be able to finish it to your liking. Offering the skill and artistry you need from a trained professional, Mike’s Concrete will ensure that the job gets done right.


These are special mix designs with a higher rock content than other mixes so there is a higher surface area of rock content, which is desired in this decorative concrete finish. For aggregate colours, sizes will vary due to supply, and sources change over time. Aggregate mixes range in size from 10mm to 14mm, normally. Colour can also be added to aggregate mixes to match stucco or siding.


Stamped concrete – otherwise known as imprint concrete – involves creative designs that resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and can even be done to resemble wood. Mike’s Concrete’s team of coloured and stamped concrete experts can beautify your pool deck, driveway, entryway, courtyard, and/or patio for an affordable rate. With our craftsmanship and attention to detail, Mike’s Concrete proves time and time again that we have a reputation for a reason. Let us assist you with your next project.


Resurfacing can be used to enhance an existing area. Instead of removing and installing a new floor, we simply add a thin synthetic material on top that can then be coloured, stamped, and textured.


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